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Training Videos

The following video resources are organized into categories. Enjoy and subscribe to Gammill’s YouTube Channel and press the bell icon to get notified as new videos are added.

Quilt Loading and Stabilizing Tips

How to use Pantograph Patterns

What is a Statler by Gammill

Statler Educational Videos

CreativeStudio Videos

What is Channel Lock –

How to Use Channel Lock –

Grid –

Echo Pattern –

How to Power On –

How to Power Off –

What is the Keypad –

How to use the Keypad –

How to Use the Keypad Settings –

How to Mirror Patterns –

Snaps, Gridsnap & Endpoints –

Zoom –

What is the Point of Origin –

Setting Repeatable Table Position –

Importing Image Series

What is Import Image –

Import Image Features –

Import Image: Loading Images –

Importing Images: Export Feature –

Border Corner Series

What is Border Corner –

Identifying a Border Corner Pattern –

Placing Connecting & Non-Connecting Border Corners & Top Borders

Placing Side Border Patterns

Chunking the Sides & Rolling the Quilt

Sewing the Bottom Border & Finishing the Sides

Turning Your Quilt

Evaluating & Fixing Patterns for Border Corner

Calibration Series

What is Calibrate All

How to Use Calibrate All

What is Calibrate Stitcher Motor –

How to Calibrate Stitcher Motor –

What is Power Assist –

How to Calibrate Power Assist –

What is Calibrate Record –

How to Calibrate Record –

Sewing Mode Series

What is Regulated Sewing

How to Use Regulated Sewing –

What is Constant Speed –

How to Use Constant Speed –

What is Baste –

How to Use Baste –

What is Record –

How to Use Record –

Creative Studio Tutorials & Projects

Edge to Edge Using End of Set Part 1 –

Edge to Edge Using End of Set Part 2 –

Edge to Edge Using End of Set Part 3 –

Concatenation Edge to Edge –

CreativeStudio 6.0 Installation & Setup

Downloading CreativeStudio 6.0

Installing CreativeStudio 6.0

Check for Firmware Update –

CreativeStudio Demonstrations Versions 2.0 to 5.0

CreativeStudio 5.0 Demo

CreativeStudio 4.2 Demo –

CreativeStudio 4.1 Demo –

CreativeStudio 4.0 Demo –

CreativeStudio 3.0 Demo –

CreativeStudio 2.0 Demo –

Statler Machine Videos – Tips, Tutorials & Troubleshooting

Dropping the Belts –

Cleaning the Encoder Disc –

Vision Videos

Vision 2.0 Videos

Introducing the Vision 2.0

Try the Vision 2.0

Vision 2.0 for Lefty Too!

Vision 2.0 Retrofit for Vision Systems

Vision Videos

Stand Features (1)

Stand Features (2)

Cleaning & Oiling (1)

Cleaning & Oiling (2)

Threading (1)

Threading (2)

Loading the Quilt (1)

Loading the Quilt (2)

Operation Screen

Operation of the Machine

Free Motion Quilting

Pantograph Quilting

Using the Accessories –

Pantograph –

Charm Videos

Using the Charm’s Onboard Bobbin Winder –

Charm’s Bobbin Case –

Learn to thread the bobbin –

Pamper Your Charm (Oiling)

Getting Started with the Charm –

Maintenance and Setup videos

New Maintenance Series

Threading the Machine –

Replacing Needles

Needle Bar Height

Oiling the Machine 18-8 Model

Oiling the Machine 22, 26, 30, 36 models

Machine Oiling of Bushings for Squealing –

OB Bobbin Winder Thread Removal & Maintenance –

OB Bobbin Winder Function & Adjustment

OB Bobbin Winder Disc Drive

Replacing the OB Bobbin Winder:

OB Bobbin Winder O’Ring Replacement

Bobbin Case Tension Adjustment

Replacing RS Switches

Hopping Foot Height Adjustment

Hopping Foot Stroke Adjustment

Hopping Foot Timing Adjustment

Rocking Finger Timing –

Rocking Finger Adjustment –

Motor Belt Tension Adjustment –

Checking the Timing of the Sewing Hook & Machine Timing Adjustment –

Rotary Tension Assembly:

Antibacklash Spring Replacement:

Towa Gauge

Microfill Handles Installation –

Past Maintenance Videos

Threading & Maintaining Your Bobbin Winder –

Features of the Stand –

Threading the Machine –

Cleaning & Oiling the Machine –

Loading the Quilt –

Operation of the Machine –

Free Motion Quilting –

Pantograph Quilting –

Using the Accessories –

Home Pro Stand Assembly –
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