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Parts for All Gammill Models


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Plain Leader Sets


00-0215 Gammill Bobbin Winder Spindle Spring


00-0810 Gammill Hook Size M


00-0811 Gammill Hook Retainer Bracket


00-1325 Gammill Motor Belt 17 Inch


00-1326 Gammill Motor Belt 16 Inch


00-1327 Gammill Motor Belt 15 Inch


00-1406 Gammill Needle and Presser Bar Oiler


00-1417 Gammill Aluminum Needle Bar 22 / 26 Classic


00-1418 Gammill Aluminum Needle Bar 30 Optimum


00-1419 Gammill Aluminium Needle Bar Premier 18


00-1908 Gammill Koban Anti Backlash Spring NBL Football Shaped


00-1912 Gammill Towa Anti Backlash Spring NBL Circle Shaped 2 arms


00-2014 Gammill 3 Hole Thread Guide


00-215 Gammill Bobbin Case Tension Spring


002-0002 Gammill Vision 1/2 or Statler encoder, Locking Connector


090-0001 Gammill Checkspring Assembly Rotating Disk


10-0901 Gammill Intermittent Tension Assembly


10-2004 Gammill Tension Complete Holder


18045-3 Gammill Bobbin Case Thread Tension Spring Screw


81-0381 Gammill Laser Wire Clips, White Plastic


D99-00005 Gammill Hydraulic Refill Kit


FLOAT WHL KIT Gammill Breeze Enhancement Kit - set includes all wheels


GAM-GUIDE FT2 Gammill Standard Hopping Foot


LIGHT SWITCH for new style overhead light bar, Cherry


OPTION-TD Gammill or Statler Timing Tool


SCREEN23 Upgraded 23 Inch Touchscreen Monitor for Statler Stitcher Machines


Screw, Throat Plate (Needle Plate) for Gammill and Statler machines


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