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GV2.0-30 Gammill Vision® 30-12 with 12' Pivotal Access Frame


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[caption id="attachment_120" align="aligncenter" width="334" class=" "]Gammill Vision 2.0 30-12 Gammill Vision 2.0 30-12[/caption]
The Gammill Vision® 2.0 30-12 is recommended for the professional quilter or those quilting as a business. It offers superior performance, ease of operation, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  It is also the preferred machine for being upgraded later to the Statler Stitcher, as it has the largest throat depth which allows you to quilt larger blocks and when doing all-over (edge to edge) quilting it requires fewer rolls of the quilt.
Gammill Vision® 2.0 30-12 Throat Space: 30" w x 12" h Quilting Area: 24" Standard features on Gammill Vision®2.0 30-12 Model:
  • •Stitch Regulation
    •Constant Speed
    •Coast Regulation
    •Basting Stitch
    •Andriod App Interface
    •Diagnostic System
    •Gammill Breeze Track System
    •Electronic Needle Positioner & Single Stitch
    •Horizontal & Vertical Channel Locks
    •Double Capacity Bobbin
    •On-Board Bobbin Winder
    •Adjustable Laser Light
    •LED Light Fixture (w/Black Light)
    •12’ Pivotal Access All-Steel Stand (V22, V26 & V30 models)
The Vision 2.0 30 model comes with an accessory box, which includes:
•6-M Style Bobbins
•1-4 oz Oiler Bottle
•1-Box (10) 4.0 Groz-Beckert Sharp Needles
•1-Box Corsage Quilting Pins
•1-Screw Driver Set
•1-Hex Key Set
•1-3/32” Hex Wrench
•2-6,000 YD Cone Permacore Thread
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