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LEADERS-OPT Gammill Zippered Leaders


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Zipper Leaders offer a great advantage for nearly any quilter.  Many times we have a quilt that is requiring A LOT OF TIME, whether it's a show quilt, a special-occasion quilt, or just one of those really tough ones to figure out. With Zip Leaders, you can in just seconds, zip off the long-term project quilt and set it aside so you can get another quilt or two done quickly.  When your schedule allows you to return to the long-term project quilt, in just a few seconds it's "zipped back on" and you can pick up right where you left off !!!!! There are 3 main canvas leaders which are marked Pickup, Top, and Backing. There are also 6 marked "leader ends", two each marked with Pickup, Top, and Backing. When ordering (near the top of this page), here's what you need to know to order the correct leaders: HP = The table that is whitish-grey in color and holds the 18" Premier machine. There are no handwheels on the ends of the fabric rollers on this table, but it does have metal locks on the ends... just no handwheels GS = The table that is black in color and holds the 22", 26" (Classic), or 30" Optimum machines.  This table does have handwheels on the ends of the fabric rollers and metal locks.  There is also a crank to raise and lower the height of the pickup roller. PA = Pivotal Access with Sit or Stand.  On the PA, the front part of the fabric rollers sits either straight up and down, or at a 45 degree angle, which allows the operator to sit or stand.  There is a Pin on the right hand side which pulls out to allow the operator to choose the position.  The belly bar is the only one your body is up against while quilting. OLD = the original style, prior to the PA type of table.  On the OLD tables, the fabric rollers do not pivot.  The leader labeled "top" is directly below the belly bar and you cannot rotate it into a different position. 10-12-14 ?  That's the total length of the table (not including handwheels).  Your measurement may vary a couple inches, it's ok. bestseller

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