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HP-HHA Gammill Hydraulic Height Adjustment System for HP Table (18 inch machines)


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** This item fits only the HP table which only holds the 18" machine ** Raise and lower the height of your quilting machine and table with the touch of a button!  Completely sealed system means no messy oil or chance of leakage.  Unlike competing (much cheaper) systems that use linear actuators, this system keeps your table perfectly leveled at all times!  Yes, the best does have a higher pricetag, but when was the last time you said "darn it, I wish I had got the cheaper one". Swivel Casters are included. If you have a GS-1 table which holds our 22, 26, and 30" machines, order the related item instead, which is OPTION-HHA If you have a 18" machine, and your table is white or greyish white, then this is the correct item for you. *This item is too large to ship thru USPS and so the shipping calculator is unable to render a price.  The total you pay in the cart for shipping does NOT include shipping this item!  We will call you to inquire how you wish to take possession of it.  FOB Wenatchee, WA bestseller

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