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Factory Optional Equipment

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103-0011 Gammill Panto Drive Handles For Vision 2.0


151-0003 Statler by Gammill AIO Mounting Kit


151-0020 Gammill Statler Rear Controller Mount


151-0040 Statler by Gammill Side Computer Mount


223-0002 Gammill Upgrade Vision to Vision 2.0 for 22, 26, 30 Inch Machines


232-0008 New Computer for Statler Machines


AC-ETP Gammill Extended Ruler Base, 1 oil hole, fits 22, 26, 30


AC-ETP/18 Gammill Extended Ruler Base, 2 oil holes, fits Premier 18


AC-MBW Standalone Bobbin Winder for all Gammill Quilting Machines


CUTTING MAT Gammill Cutting Mat for 12' Tables


DBL SPOOL KIT Gammill Double Spool Holder Kit




GS1LB-12 Gammill 12 Foot Overhead Lightbar for GS-1 Table


HPLB-10/12 Gammill 10 or 12 Foot Overhead Lightbar for Home Pro Table


LEADERS-OPT Gammill Zippered Leaders


MICRO-FILL 30 Gammill Micro Stippling Handles, Fits Optimum 30


MICRO-FILL Gammill Micro Stippling Handles, Fits 18-22-26 Machines Premier and Classic


OIL (QUART) Gammill Oil - Quart Refill Bottle


OPTION - SC Gammill Swivel Casters (set of 4)


OPTION ZL/ Gammill Extra Set of Zippered Leader Ends (3)


OPTION-AM/12 Gammill Chair Alignment Mat 12 Foot


OPTION-HHA Gammill Hydraulic Height Adjustment System


TAB PC 10.1 Gammill Tablet Computer 10.1 Inch


TOWA GAUGE Bobbin Tension Gauge, M


Twin Horizontal Spool Holder for Gammill Quilting Machines


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