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Factory Optional Equipment

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103-0011 Gammill Panto Drive Handles For Vision 2.0


151-0003 Statler by Gammill AIO Mounting Kit


151-0020 Gammill Statler Rear Controller Mount


151-0040 Statler by Gammill Side Computer Mount


223-0002 Gammill Upgrade Vision to Vision 2.0 for 22, 26, 30 Inch Machines


232-0008 New Computer for Statler Machines


AC-ETP Gammill Extended Ruler Base, 1 oil hole, fits 22, 26, 30


AC-ETP/18 Gammill Extended Ruler Base, 2 oil holes, fits Premier 18


AC-MBW Standalone Bobbin Winder for all Gammill Quilting Machines


CUTTING MAT Gammill Cutting Mat for 12' Tables


DBL SPOOL KIT Gammill Double Spool Holder Kit




Gammill and Statler Quick Change Foot Set


GS1LB-12 Gammill 12 Foot Overhead Lightbar for GS-1 Table


HPLB-10/12 Gammill 10 or 12 Foot Overhead Lightbar for Home Pro Table


LEADERS-OPT Gammill Zippered Leaders


MICRO-FILL 30 Gammill Micro Stippling Handles, Fits Optimum 30


MICRO-FILL Gammill Micro Stippling Handles, Fits 18-22-26 Machines Premier and Classic


OIL (QUART) Gammill Oil - Quart Refill Bottle


OPTION - SC Gammill Swivel Casters (set of 4)


OPTION ZL/ Gammill Extra Set of Zippered Leader Ends (3)


OPTION-AM/12 Gammill Chair Alignment Mat 12 Foot


OPTION-DC Gammill Drafting Chair for use with Alignment Mat


OPTION-HHA Gammill Hydraulic Height Adjustment System


TAB PC 10.1 Gammill Tablet Computer 10.1 Inch


TOWA GAUGE Bobbin Tension Gauge, M


Twin Horizontal Spool Holder for Gammill Quilting Machines


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