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Moving your Gammill or Statler Longarm Quilting Machine

Today we are going to address a common question that we receive – how should a person go about moving their Gammill from it’s current location? Can I do it myself, do I need to hire my Gammill dealer to do it?

You might feel comfortable doing the move yourself. We offer on-phone support, free of charge.
If you would like service to disassemble your machine to be loaded in your truck please register for a service call and put in the notes section a description of your machine and the timeline for your move. Also if you will still be in our service area on the other end we offer assembly services also. The rates vary for these services depending on the style and location of machine.

Thank you for reading! We are really committed to making sure you can continue quilting with a minimum of interruptions and inconvenience. Above all, your machine needs to be working properly in it’s new home, and we are here to help you in that.

Jim and Lynda
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